Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 9 (2004), No. 1
ISSN 1224-2780
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  1. Maria Teresa Calapso, Filip Defever and Radu Rosca,

  2. Contact transformation of a presymplectic form with Quasi-Sasakian structure,
    pages: 1-7, AMS Subject Classification: 53B20.
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  3. Irena Comic,

  4. Einstein-Yang Mills equations for gauge transformations of second order,
    pages: 8-22, AMS Subject Classification: 53B40, 53C60, 53C80, 81T13, 53C07.
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  5. George Galanis and Efstathios Vassiliou,

  6. Remarks on the cohomological classification of certain Frechet bundles,
    pages: 23-31, AMS Subject Classification: 58B20, 58B25, 55R15, 55N30.
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  7. Hyang Sook Kim and Young-Mi Kim,

  8. A certain complete space-like hypersurface in Lorentz manifolds,
    pages: 32-43, AMS Subject Classification: 53C50, 53C25, 53C42.
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  9. Shimpei Kobayashi,

  10. Bubbletons in 3-dimensional space forms,
    pages: 44-68, AMS Subject Classification: 53A10.
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  11. Shigeki Matsutani,

  12. Submanifold Dirac operators with torsion,
    pages: 69-82, AMS Subject Classification: 34L40, 53A05, 51N20, 81T20.
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  13. Dana-Mihaela Petrosanu,

  14. Examples of parallel spin-tensors,
    pages: 83-86, AMS Subject Classification: 55R10, 53C27.
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  15. Dumitru Daniel Porosniuc,

  16. A locally symmetric Kahler Einstein structure on the cotangent bundle of a space form,
    pages: 87-95, AMS Subject Classification: 53C07, 53C15, 53C55.
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  17. Leonardo Solanilla, Luis F. Lopez and Jorge L. Bustos,

  18. "Strong'' extrema of functionals defined on Riemannian 2-manifolds,
    pages: 96-103, AMS Subject Classification: 49K10, 49-03; 53A30, 53A05.
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  19. Mukut Mani Tripathi and Jeong-Sik Kim,

  20. On the concircular curvature tensor of a (\kappa,\mu)-manifold,
    pages: 104-114, AMS Subject Classification: 53C25, 53D10.
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  21. Constantin Udriste and Armando Ciancio,

  22. Linearized geometric dynamics of Tobin-Benhabib-Miyao economic flow,
    pages: 114-120, AMS Subject Classification: 91B62, 91B66, 37J20.
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