Balkan Journal of Geometry
and Its Applications

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 5 (2000), No. 2
Electronic Edition
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  1. K. Arslan, C. Murathan and C. Ozgur,
    On \varphi-Conformally Flat Contact Metric Manifolds,
    pages: 1-7, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05, 53C20, 53C21, 53C25
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  2. David E. Blair,
    A Hyperbolic Twistor Space,
    pages: 9-16, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53C26, 53C28, 53C50
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  3. G. Calvaruso,
    Einstein-Like and Conformally Flat Contact Metric Three-Manifolds,
    pages: 17-36, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53C25, 53C30
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  4. B. Celik and S. Ciftci,
    Cross Ratios of Points and Lines in Moufang Planes,
    pages: 37-46, AMS Subject Classification: 51A35
    ZIPped DVI and PCX files

  5. Piotr Dacko,
    On Almost Cosymplectic Manifolds with the Structure Vector Field \xi Belonging to the k-Nullity Distribution,
    pages: 47-60, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53C25
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  6. U.C. De and S.K. Ghosh,
    On Conformally Flat Pseudosymmetric Spaces,
    pages: 61-64, AMS Subject Classification: 53C25
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  7. Lew Friedland,
    The Laplace Spectrum and Hermitian Spaces,
    pages: 65-74, AMS Subject Classification: 53C55
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  8. Virgil Obadeanu and I.D. Albu,
    Dynamical Systems and Lagrangian Spaces,
    pages: 75-80, AMS Subject Classification: 58F05, 70Hxx
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  9. Virgil Obadeanu,
    Structures G\'eom\'etriques Associ\'ees \`a Certains Syst\`emes Dynamiques,
    pages: 81-89, AMS Subject Classification: 53C07, 53C60, 53C80, 70H35
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  10. T.K. Pogany and M. Radic,
    On (k,f,l)-Chordal Polygons,
    pages: 91-96, AMS Subject Classification: 51E12
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  11. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu,
    On Lagrange Epimorphisms and Lagrange Submersions,
    pages: 97-101, AMS Subject Classification: 58F05
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  12. Yong-Soo Pyo and Hyang Sook Kim,
    Symmetric Curvature-Like Tensors on a Semi-Definite K\"{a}hler Manifold,
    pages: 103-112, AMS Subject Classification: 53C50, 53C55, 53C56
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  13. T. Sato,
    Some Examples of Almost K\"ahler 4-Manifolds,
    pages: 113-137, AMS Subject Classification: 53C25, 53C55
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  14. B. Sahin and R. Gunes,
    Non-Existence of Real Lightlike Hypersurfaces
    of an Indefinite Complex Space Form,
    pages: 139-148, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

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