Balkan Journal of Geometry
and Its Applications

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 5 (2000), No. 1
Electronic Edition
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  1. K.Arslan, C. Murathan, C. Ozgur and A. Yildiz,
    On contact metric R-harmonic manifolds,
    pages: 1-6, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05, 53C20, 53C21, 53C25
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  2. V.Balan and J.Dorfmeister,
    A Weierstrass - type representation for harmonic maps,
    pages: 7-37, AMS Subject Classification: 58E20, 53C43, 22E67, 30F15
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  3. N. Bila,
    Symmetry groups and conservation laws,
    pages: 39-56, AMS Subject Classification: 58J70, 35A30
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  4. K. Buchner and R. Rosca,
    On 2 - framed Riemannian manifolds with Godbillon - Vey structure form,
    pages: 57-67, AMS Subject Classification: 53C25
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  5. J.X. da Cruz Neto, O.P.Ferreira and L.R. Lucambio Perez,
    Monotone point-to-set vector fields,
    pages: 69-79, AMS Subject Classification: 52A41, 90C25, 53C21
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  6. F.Defever,
    Ricci-semisymmetric hypersurfaces,
    pages: 81-91, AMS Subject Classification: 53B20, 53B30, 53B50
    ZIPped PDF file

  7. D.C. Galehouse,
    A fundamental Geometry of Quantum Physics,
    pages: 93-106, AMS Subject Classification: 81T10
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  8. Shun-ichi Hojo, M.Matsumoto and K.Okubo,
    Theory of conformally Berwald Finsler spaces and its applications,
    pages: 107-118, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05, 53C60
    ZIPped PDF file

  9. H.P.Mazumdar, Gr.Tsagas and S.C.Ghosh,
    On the breaking of mirror symmetry,
    pages: 119-128, AMS Subject Classification: 76F05, 76D05
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  10. D.Petrosanu,
    The manifold of Euclidean inner products of sphere,
    pages: 129-132, AMS Subject Classification: 58D17
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  11. M.Rahula,
    Loi exponentielle dans le fibre des jets, symetries des equations differentielles,
    pages: 133-140, AMS Subject Classification: 14B10, 34A26, 35A30, 57R45, 58A20, 58B25, 58C27, 58G35
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  12. A.Sandovici,
    Gauge Bianchi identities in higher order Lagrange spaces,
    pages: 141-148, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60, 53C80, 53C07
    ZIPped PDF file

  13. L. Tamassy, U. C. De and T. Q. Binh,
    On weak symmetries of Kaehler manifolds,
    pages: 149-155, AMS Subject Classification: 53C07, 53C25
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  14. K.Teleman,
    A classification theorem for connections,
    pages: 157-162, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05
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