Balkan Journal of Geometry
and Its Applications

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 4 (1999), No. 2
Electronic Edition
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  1. J.X. da Cruz Neto, O.P. Ferreira, L.R.Lucambio Perez,
    A Proximal Regularization of the Steepest Descent Method in Riemannian Manifold
    pages: 1-8, AMS Subject Classification: 49M10, 90C30, 53C21
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  2. C.Dumitrescu,
    Geometrical and Topological Structure of Magnetic Fields Generated by Rectilinear Wires
    pages: 9-27, AMS Subject Classification: 53C80, 53B20
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  3. S.Gozdz,
    A Convex Polygon as a Discrete Plane Curve
    pages: 29-48, AMS Subject Classification: 52C10, 42A32
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  4. F.Hantila,
    Electromagnetic Field in Non-Linear Media
    pages: 49-62, AMS Subject Classification: 53C80
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  5. S.Ikeda,
    Some Structural Considerations on the Theory of Gravitational Field
    pages: 63-68, AMS Subject Classification: 83C40
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  6. H.S. Kim, Y.S. Pyo,
    On the Chern-Type Problem in a Complex Projective Space
    pages: 69-81, AMS Subject Classification: 53C50; 53C55, 53C56
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  7. L.Nicolescu, G.Pripoae,
    Riemannian Manifolds with Almost Constant Scalar Curvature
    pages: 83-92, AMS Subject Classification: 53B20, 53B21, 53C21
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  8. D.Opris, I.D.Albu,
    Discrete Euler-Poincare and Euler-Poincare-Poisson Equations for Semidirect Products and Principal Bundles
    pages: 93-102, AMS Subject Classification: 17B30
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  9. M.Purcaru,
    Semi-Symmetric Conformal Metrical N-Linear Connections in the Bundle of Accelerations
    pages: 103-108, AMS Subject Classification: 53C05
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  10. K.Trencevski, J.Stefanovski,
    On Parallel Vector Fields of Subbundles of Vector Bundles with Linear and Non - Linear Connections
    pages: 109-115, AMS Subject Classification: 53B15, 35C10
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  11. Gr.Tsagas, Ch.Christophoridou, A. Synefaki,
    Determination of Invariant Inner Product on Seven Dimensional Nilpotent Lie Algebras
    pages: 117-122, AMS Subject Classification: 17B40
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  12. C.Udriste, N.Bila,
    Symmetry Group of Titeica Surfaces PDE
    pages: 123-140, AMS Subject Classification: 58G35, 53C99, 35A15
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