Balkan Journal of Geometry
and Its Applications

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 4 (1999), No. 1
Electronic Edition
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  1. K. Arslan, C. Ozgur,
    On normal sections of Veronese submanifold
    pages: 1-8, AMS Subject Classification: 53C40
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  2. Ch.Christophoridou, A.Kobotis,
    The characteristic elements of special nilpotent Lie algebras of dimension ten
    pages: 9-18, AMS Subject Classification: 17B30
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  3. F.Defever,
    Theory of semisymmetric conformally flat and biharmonic submanifolds
    pages: 19-30, AMS Subject Classification: 53B20, 53B30, 53B50
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  4. I.Dobrescu, N.Ionescu-Pallas,
    Variational and conservative principles in Rosen's theory of gravitation
    pages: 31-43, AMS Subject Classification: 83CXX
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  5. O.Dogaru, V.Dogaru,
    Extrema constrained by C^k curves
    pages: 45-52, AMS Subject Classification: 49K99
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  6. B.Foreman,
    Three-dimensional complex homogeneous complex contact manifolds
    pages: 53-67, AMS Subject Classification: 53T58
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  7. I.E.Hirica,
    Invariant operators on real and complex manifolds
    pages: 69-90, AMS Subject Classification: 53A55, 53B10, 53B20, 53B35
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    Strong morphisms of groupoids
    pages: 91-102, AMS Subject Classification: 20L13; 20L99; 18B40
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  8. H.S.Kim, Y. Pyo,
    Complete minimal hypersurfaces in a locally symmetric space
    pages: 103-115, AMS Subject Classification: 53C50
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  9. M.Matsumoto,
    Conformally closed Finsler spaces
    pages: 117-128, AMS Subject Classification: 53B40
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  10. M.Toda, C.Udriste,
    Optimal approximations on Riemannian manifolds
    pages: 135-144, AMS Subject Classification: 49F20, 92A27, 53B40
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  11. C. Udriste, M.Neagu,
    Geometrical interpretation of solutions of certain PDEs
    pages: 145-152, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60, 49N45, 35R30
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