Balkan Journal of Geometry
and Its Applications

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 3 (1998), No. 2
Electronic Edition
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  1. M. Anastasiei, H. Shimada,
    Beil Metrics Associated to a Finsler Space
    pages: 1-16, AMS Subject Classification: 53C60,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  2. A. Arvanitoyeorgos,
    Einstein Equation for an Invariant Metric on Generalized Flag Manifolds and Inner Automorphisms
    pages: 17-22, AMS Subject Classification: 53C25, 53C30, 17B05,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  3. T. Birsan,
    Applications of Bravis-Browder Principle to the Existence of Fixed Points and Endpoint for Multifunctions
    pages: 23-32, AMS Subject Classification: 54H25,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  4. D.E. Blair, D. Peronne,
    Conformally Asonov Flows in Contact Metric Geometry
    pages: 33-46, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 58F15, 70G05,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  5. S. Corbu, M. Postolache,
    Dynamical Systems on Vector Bundles
    pages: 47-56, AMS Subject Classification: 60A10, 65C20,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  6. O. Dogaru, M. Doroftei, I. Tevy, V. Dogaru,
    Abstract Linear Dependence
    pages: 57-68, AMS Subject Classification: 03B30, 15A99,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  7. M. Geanau,
    Rational Representations of Some Algebraic Varieties of M-Orthogonal Groups
    pages: 69-74, AMS Subject Classification: 20G20,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  8. F.Etayo, R.Rosca, R.Santamaria,
    On Closed Concircular Almost Contact Riemannian Manifolds
    pages: 75-88, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53B20, 53C55,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  9. J.X. da Cruz Neto, L.L. de Lima, P.R. Oliveira,
    Geodesic Algorithms in Riemannian Geometry
    pages: 89-100, AMS Subject Classification: 49M10, 90C30, 53C21,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  10. H.S. Kim, Y.S.Pyo,
    On Real Hypersurfaces of Type A in a Complex Space Form (III)
    pages: 101-110, AMS Subject Classification: 53C40,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  11. Y.S. Pyo, J.Y. Lee,
    On Finite Type Closed Curves on the Pseudo-Hyperbolic Space H3 (-c2)
    pages: 111-120, AMS Subject Classification: 53C50,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  12. C. Udriste, N. Bila,
    Symmetry Lie Group of the Monge-Ampere Equation
    pages: 121-134, AMS Subject Classification: 58G35, 35A30,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  13. I. Vaisman,
    Variations on the Theme of Twistor Spaces
    pages: 135-156, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53C50, 53C80,
    DVI file1 ZIPped PS file

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