Balkan Journal of Geometry
and Its Applications

ISSN 1224-2780
Volume 2 (1997), No. 1
Electronic Edition
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  1. R.G.Beil
    Notes on a New Finsler Metric Function
    pages: 1-6, AMS Subject Classification: 53B40,, 53C60, 83C10, 83E99,
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  2. Jong Taek Cho, U-Hang Chi
    CR Structures on Real Hypersurfaces of a Complex Projective Space
    pages: 7-18, AMS Subject Classification: 53C15, 53C40,
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  3. Cristian-Nicolae Costinescu
    Some Generalizations of a Theorem of Dold
    pages: 19-23, AMS Subject Classification: 55N20,
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  4. Josef Dorfmeister, Franz Pedit, M. Toda
    Minimal Surfaces via Loop Groups
    pages: 25-40, AMS Subject Classification: 53A10, 53C42, 58D10, 49Q05,
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  5. P.M.Gadea, L.Hernandez Encinas
    Reflector Spaces over the 4-Dimensional Kaneyuki-Kozai's Para-Hermitian Symmetric Spaces
    pages: 41-49, AMS Subject Classification: 53C35, 53C50,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  6. R.Miron, V.Balan, P.C.Stavrinos, Gr.Tsagas
    Deviations of Stationary Curves in the Bundle Osc^{(2)}(M)
    pages: 51-60, AMS Subject Classification: 53C22, 53B40, 58E15,
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  7. Stefan Mititelu
    Generalized Invexities and Global Minimum Properties
    pages: 61-72, AMS Subject Classification: 49J52, 26B25,
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  8. Virgil Obadeanu, Corina Vernic
    Systemes dynamiques sur des espaces de Riemann
    pages: 73-82,
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  9. Victor Patrangenaru
    Geometry, Statistics and Decision Making in Gene Therapy
    pages: 83-100
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  10. Mihai Postolache, Oana Mocioalca
    On a Geometrical Study of Population Ecosystems
    pages: 101-108, AMS Subject Classification: 92D25, 94A17,
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  11. Bogdan Suceava
    Some Theorems on Austere Submanifolds
    pages: 109-115, AMS Subject Classification: 53B25, 53B35, 53C42,
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  12. Kostadin Trencevski
    New Approach for the Submanifolds of the Euclidean Space
    pages: 117-127, AMS Subject Classification: 53A07, 53B25,
    DVI file ZIPped PS file

  13. Constantin Udriste, Aneta Udriste
    Electromagnetic Dynamical Systems
    pages: 129-140, AMS Subject Classification: 53C22, 83C22,
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