Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

Vol. 7, No. 1, 2002 · Contents

N. Ayyildiz, A.C. Coken, A. Yucesan:
Differential-Geometrical Conditions Between Geodesic Curves and Ruled Surfaces in the Lorentz Space

I. Bucataru:
Nonholonomic Frames in Finsler Geometry

B.-Y. Chen, L. Vrancken:
Slant Surfaces with Prescribed Gaussian Curvature

M. Crasmareanu:
Cylindrical Tzitzeica Curves Implies Forced Harmonic Oscillators

L. Di Terlizzi, A.M. Pastore:
Some Results on K-Manifolds

V. Iftode:
Control of the Flux Substrate Entering an Enzymatic Membrane

M. Nadjafikhah:
Affine Differential Invariants for Planar Curves

M. Popescu, P. Popescu:
A General Background of Higher Order Geometry

H.S. Jeon, Y.S. Pyo:
Kahler Submanifolds with Lower Bounded Totally Real Bisectional Curvature Tensor

M.M. Tripathi, J.-S. Kim, S.-B. Kim:
Mean Curvature and Shape Operator of Slant Immersions in a Sasakian Space Form

D. Tseluiko:
Minimal Surfaces PDE as a Monge-Ampere Type Equation

L. Ximin, S. Weihong:
Hypersurfaces with Constant Scalar Curvature in a Hyperbolic Space Form

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