Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

Vol. 6, No. 2, 2001 · Contents

K. Arslan, R. Ezentas, C. Murathan and C. Ozgur:
On Pseudo Ricci-Symmetric Manifolds

R.Branzei and S.Tijs:
Cooperative Games With a Simplicial Core

Elements de Geometrie Riemannienne Infinitesimale

I.A. Cristescu:
On the Stationary, Potential, Subsonic Flow

V. Iftode:
Variational Solutions of Stationary Hamilton-Jacobi Equations

Gh. Ivan:
Principal Fibre Bundles with Structural Lie Groupoid

Gh. Munteanu:
Gauge Transformations on Holomorphic Bundles

M. Neagu:
Riemann-Lagrange Geometrical Background for Multi-Time Physical Fields

L. Popescu:
R-Separated Spaces

Y-S Pyo and H.S. Kim:
A Recurrent Curvature-Like Tensor on Semi-Definite Kahler Manifolds

Gr. Tsagas and Gr. Bitis:
On the Harmonic and Killing Tensor Filed on a Compact Riemannian Manifold

C.Udriste, M.Postolache and I.Tevy:
Integrator for Lagrangian Dynamics

Xi-Fang Cao:
Pseudo-Umbilical Spacelike Submanifolds in the Indefinite Space Form

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