Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

Vol. 5, No. 2, 2000 · Contents

K. Arslan, C. Murathan and C. Özgür:
On $\varphi $-Conformally Flat Contact Metric Manifolds

David E. Blair:
A Hyperbolic Twistor Space

G. Calvaruso:
Einstein-Like and Conformally Flat Contact Metric Three-Manifolds

B. Celik and S. Ciftci:
Cross Ratios of Points and Lines in Moufang Planes

Piotr Dacko:
On Almost Cosymplectic Manifolds with the Structure Vector Field $\xi$ Belonging to the $k$-Nullity Distribution

U. C. De and S. K. Ghosh:
On Conformally Flat Pseudosymmetric Spaces

Lew Friedland:
The Laplace Spectrum and Hermitian Spaces

Virgil Obadeanu and I. D. Albu:
Dynamical Systems and Lagrangian Spaces

Virgil Obadeanu:
Structures Géométriques Associées a Certains Systemes Dynamiques

T. K. Pogany and M. Radic:
On $(k,f,l)$-Chordal Polygons

Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu:
On Lagrange Epimorphisms and Lagrange Submersions

Yong-Soo Pyo and Hyang Sook Kim:
Symmetric Curvature-Like Tensors on a Semi-Definite K\"{a}hler Manifold

T. Sato:
Some Examples of Almost Kähler 4-Manifolds

B. Sahin and R. G\"{u}nes:
Non-Existence of Real Lightlike Hypersurfaces of an Indefinite Complex Space Form

T. Tapanidis, Gr. Tsagas and H. P. Mazumdar:
On the Symmetries of the Differential Equation Governing Damped Harmonic Vibration

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