Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

Vol. 5, No. 1, 2000 · Contents

K.Arslan, C. Murathan, C. Ozgur and A. Yildiz:
On Contact Metric R-Harmonic Manifolds

V.Balan and J.Dorfmeister:
A Weierstrass - Type Representation for Harmonic Maps

N. Bila:
Symmetry Groups and Conservation Laws

K. Buchner and R. Rosca:
On 2 - Framed Riemannian Manifolds with Godbillon - Vey Structure Form

J.X. da Cruz Neto, O.P.Ferreira and L.R. Lucambio Perez:
Monotone Point-to-Set Vector Fields

Ricci-Semisymmetric Hypersurfaces

D.C. Galehouse:
A Fundamental Geometry of Quantum Physics

Shun-ichi Hojo, M.Matsumoto and K.Okubo:
Theory of Conformally Berwald Finsler Spaces and Its Applications

H.P.Mazumdar, Gr.Tsagas and S.C.Ghosh:
On the Breaking of Mirror Symmetry

The Manifold of Euclidean Inner Products of Sphere

Loi Exponentielle dans le Fibre des Jets, Symetries des Equations Differentielles@language: French

Gauge Bianchi Identities in Higher Order Lagrange Spaces

L. Tamassy, U. C. De and T. Q. Binh:
On Weak Symmetries of Kaehler Manifolds

A Classification Theorem for Connections

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