Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

Vol. 3, No. 1, 1998 · Contents

P.Barbari, A.Kobotis:
On Derivations of Nilpotent Lie Algebras

Hiroshi Endo:
Invariant Submanifolds and Their Second Fundamental Forms

Fumio Ikeda:
Landsberg Spaces Satisfying the T-Condition

Masashi Kitayama:
Finsler Spaces Admitting a Parallel Vector Field

Antonio Lotta:
Three-Dimensional Slant Submanifolds of K-Contact Manifolds

Viorel Mihailescu, Constantin Udriste:
Connexions ayant la propriete tensorielle associe a une transformation projectif quaternionique

Gheorghe Munteanu:
Complex Lagrange Spaces

D.Opris, I.D.Albu:
Mathematical Model for Dyamond-Type Cristals with Impurities or Defects

Anna Maria Pastore:
Classification of Locally Symmetric Contact Metric Manifolds

Constantin Patrascoiu:
Field of Cones on (k,r)-Covelocities Vector Bundle on a Manifold

Marcela Popescu, Paul Popescu:
On the Structure Equations of the Induced Linear Connections

V.Prepelita, M.Doroftei, T.Vasilache:
Peano Baker Series Convergence for Matrix Valued Functions of Bounded Variation

C.Radu, A.Zlatescu:
Calcul des Caracteristiques effectives Pour des Materiaux Composites qui Contiennent des Nonhomogeneites Atribuees d'une Maniere Aleatoire

Gabriela Ileana Sebe:
On General Lipschitzian Kernels