Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

ISSN 1224-2780 · Volume 2 (1997), No. 1 · Electronic Edition


Notes on a New Finsler Metric Function

Jong Taek Cho, U-Hang Chi:
CR Structures on Real Hypersurfaces of a Complex Projective Space

Cristian-Nicolae Costinescu:
Some Generalizations of a Theorem of Dold

Josef Dorfmeister, Franz Pedit, M. Toda:
Minimal Surfaces via Loop Groups

P.M.Gadea, L.Hernandez Encinas:
Reflector Spaces over the 4-Dimensional Kaneyuki-Kozai's Para-Hermitian Symmetric Spaces

R.Miron, V.Balan, P.C.Stavrinos, Gr.Tsagas:
Deviations of Stationary Curves in the Bundle $Osc^{(2)}(M)$

Stefan Mititelu:
Generalized Invexities and Global Minimum Properties

Virgil Obadeanu, Corina Vernic:
Systemes dynamiques sur des espaces de Riemann

Victor Patrangenaru:
Geometry, Statistics and Decision Making in Gene Therapy

Mihai Postolache, Oana Mocioalca:
On a Geometrical Study of Population Ecosystems

Bogdan Suceava:
Some Theorems on Austere Submanifolds

Kostadin Trencevski:
New Approach for the Submanifolds of the Euclidean Space

Constantin Udriste, Aneta Udriste:
Electromagnetic Dynamical Systems