Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications (BJGA)

ISSN 1224-2780 · Volume 1 (1996), No. 1 · Electronic Edition


Mihai Anastasiei:
Finsler Connections in Generalized Lagrange Spaces

Gheorghe Atanasiu:
The Equations of Structure of an N-Linear Connection in the Bundle of Accelerations

Irena \u Comi\u c:
The Curvature Theory of Generalized Connection in $Osc^2(M)$

Radu Iord\u anescu:
The Geometrical Barbilian's Work from a Modern Point of View

Radu Miron:
On the Geometries of Superior Order

Liviu Nicolescu:
Champs des vecteurs remarquables dans l'algebre de deformation: retrospective et perspective

Ruggero Maria Santilli:
Representation of Non-Hamiltonian Vector Fields in the Coordinates of the Observer via the Isosymplectic Geometry

Bianchi Identities, Yang-Mills and Higgs Field Produced on $\tilde S^{(2)}(M)$ - Deformed Bundle

Lajos Tamassy:
Metrizability of Affine Connections

Grigorios Tsagas:
On the Killing Tensor Fields on a Compact Riemannian Manifold

Constantin Udri\c ste:
Riemannian Convexity in Programming II

Constantin Udri\c ste:
Riemannian Convexity

Efstathios Vassiliou:
Transformations of Sheaf Connections