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Vol. 51, No. 2, 2010 · Contents

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Benjamin Cahen:
Berezin quantization for discrete series

Laurent Truffet:
A decomposition formula of idempotent polyhedral cones based on idempotent superharmonic spaces

Gavin W. Marshall and Toby S. Hudson:
Dense binary sphere packings

L. Oukhtite, S. Salhi and L. Taoufiq:
Generalized derivations and commutativity of rings with involution

Jen\H o Szirmai:
The densest translation ball packing by fundamental lattices in $\SOL$ space

Axel Hultman and Jakob Jonsson:
The topology of the space of matrices of Barvinok rank two

Alberto Alzati:
A concrete example of symplectic duality among $K$-3 Surface

Kanchan Joshi and R. K. Sharma:
Strongly prime radical of group algebras

Bernd Schulze:
Block-diagonalized rigidity matrices of symmetric frameworks and applications

Fatemeh Mohammadi, Dariush Kiani and Somayeh Moradi:
On the Betti numbers of the edge ideals of some hypergraphs

Boris Odehnal:
Generalized Gergonne and Nagel points

Matthias Beck, Sinai Robins and Steven V. Sam:
Positivity theorems for solid-angle polynomials

Peter McMullen:
Associated polyhedra and dual linear programs

D. Ruoff and J. Shilleto:
Limits along lines with common ends in Hyperbolic Geometry

Majid M. Ali:
Generalized GCD rings. III

O. Dovgoshey, F. Abdullayev and M. Küçükaslan:
Compactness and boundedness of tangent spaces to metric spaces

Stylianos Stamatakis:
Characterizations of special skew ruled surfaces by the normal curvature of some distinguished families of curves

Ina Voigt and Stephan Weis:
Polyhedral Voronoi cells

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