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Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
Vol. 50, No. 2, 2009 · Contents

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L. Ben Yakoub and A. Louly:
Dérivations de l'algèbre $U_q^+(B_2)$

David E. Blair and Belgin Korkmaz:
Special directions in complex contact manifolds

Naser Zamani:
On torsion free distributive modules

Viqar Azam Khan and Khalid Ali Khan:
Generic warped product submanifolds in nearly Kaehler manifolds

Richard Belshoff:
Remarks on reflexive modules, covers, and envelopes

Chahrazade Bakkari and Najib Mahdou:
On Armendariz Rings

Rémi Langevin and Eberhard Teufel:
Conformal width in M{ö}bius geometry

Christian Richter:
Cardinality estimates for piecewise congruences of convex polygons

Carlos A. Cadavid and Juan D. Vélez:
Normal factorization in $SL(2,\mathbb{Z})$ and the confluence of singular fibers in elliptic fibrations

Chahrazade Bakkari and Najib Mahdou:
On Gaussian polynomials and content ideal

Marco Hamann:
A Note on Ovals and their Evolutoides

Alireza Abdollahi:
Characterization of $\mathrm{SL}(2,q)$ by its non-commuting graph

Friedrich Manhart:
Minkowski minimal surfaces in ${\mathbb R}^3_1$ with minimal focal surfaces

Meirav Amram, Michael Dettweiler, Michael Friedman and Mina Teicher:
The fundamental group for the complement of Cayley's singularities

Dirk Keppens and Hendrik Van Maldeghem:
Embeddings of projective Klingenberg planes in the projective space PG(5,$\K$)

Jürgen Kampf:
On weighted parallel volumes

Kristen A. Nairn:
On the Graver complexity of codimension $2$ matrices

Péter P. Pálfy:
Three remarks on absolutely solvable groups

Marek Lassak and Monika Nowicka:
Minimum-area axially symmetric convex bodies containing a triangle and its measure of axial symmetry

Witold Mozgawa:
Integral formulas related to ovals

T. Koufogiorgos and C. Tsichlias:
Three dimensional contact metric manifolds with vanishing Jacobi operator

Ana Breda, Antonio Breda d'Azevedo and Domenico Catalano:
On double coverings of some rotary hypermaps

Atul Gaur and Alok Kumar Maloo:
The theta ideal, dense submodules and the forcing linearity number for a multiplication module

A. Joos:
Erratum to: A. Joos: Covering the unit cube by equal balls, Beitr. Algebra Geom. {\bf 49} (2008), 599--605

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