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Vol. 50, No. 1, 2009 · Contents

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Guohua Qian and Wujie Shi:
A characterization of $L_2(2^f)$ in terms of the number of character zeros

Ravi Srinivasa Rao, K. Siva Prasad and T. Srinivas:
Hereditary right Jacobson radical of type-0($e$) for right near-rings

H. Oueslati:
On groups with root system of type $^{2}F_{4}$

Margherita Barile:
On the arithmetical rank of a special class of minimal varieties

D. Frettlöh and A. Glazyrin:
The lonely vertex problem

Ze-Ping Wang:
Linear $\infty$-harmonic maps between Riemannian manifolds

Mark W. Meckes:
Gaussian marginals of convex bodies with symmetries

Stefan Veldsman:
Homomorphic images of polynomial near-rings

Theo Grundhöfer and Peter Müller:
Sharply $2$-transitive sets of permutations and groups of affine projectivities

M. T. K. Abbassi and G. Calvaruso:
Curvature properties of $g$-natural contact metric structures on unit tangent sphere bundles

R. M. Bryant:
Lie powers of infinite-dimensional modules

Allan L. Edmonds:
The partition problem for equifacetal simplices

Jozef Kalinowski:
Preservers of the rank of matrices over a field

Á. G. Horváth:
On shadow boundaries of centrally symmetric convex bodies

Mirko Radi\'c:
Certain equalities and inequalities concerning polygons in ${\mathbb R}^2

Zsolt Lángi:
On the Hadwiger numbers of centrally symmetric starlike disks

Otto Röschel:
Cubic ruled surfaces with constant distribution parameter in $E_4$

Gennadiy Averkov:
Notes on the algebra and geometry of polynomial representations

Jim Lawrence and Valeriu Soltan:
The intersection of convex transversals is a convex polytope

Andreas Fankhänel:
$I$-measures in Minkowski planes

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