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Vol. 49, No. 2, 2008 · Contents

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J. L. Ramírez Alfonsí:
Spatial graphs, knots and the cyclic polytope

Viveka Erlandsson:
Tame homomorphisms of polytopal rings

M. Özdemir and A. A. Ergin:
Timelike quaternion frame of a non-lightlike curve

Victor Pambuccian:
Elementary versions of the Sylvester-Gallai theorem

Ma{\l}gorzata Pra\.zmowska:
Twisted projective spaces and linear completions of some partial Steiner triple systems

Hirokazu Nishimura:
Curvature in synthetic differential geometry of groupoids

Bayram Sahin and R\i fat Günes:
CR-warped product submanifolds of nearly Kaehler manifolds

T. Guédénon:
Projectivity and flatness over the endomorphism ring of a finitely generated comodule

Susanne Danz and René Zimmermann:
Vertices of simple modules for the symmetric groups in blocks of small weights

Min Ho Lee:
Cohomology of torus bundles over Kuga fiber varieties

L. Oukhtite, S. Salhi and L. Taoufiq:
Strong commutativity preserving maps on Lie ideals of semiprime rings

Majid M. Ali:
Multiplication modules and homogeneous idealization III

Brendan Guilfoyle and Wilhelm Klingenberg:
Area-stationary surfaces in neutral Kähler 4-manifolds

Gabor Toth:
On the structure of convex sets with applications to the moduli of spherical minimal immersions

Anton Deitmar:
$\F_1$-schemes and toric varieties

Marilyn Breen:
Helly-type theorems for infinite and for finite intersections of sets starshaped via staircase paths

Rolf Schneider:
The endomorphisms of the lattice of closed convex cones

Nico Düvelmeyer:
General embedding problems and two-distance sets in Minkowski planes

Antal Joós:
Covering the unit cube by equal balls

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