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Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 547-589 (2007)

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Constructive Coordinatization of Desarguesian Planes

Mark Mandelkern

Department of Mathematics, New Mexico State University, 5259 Singer Road, Las Cruces NM 88007-5566, USA; e-mail:

Abstract: A classical theory of Desarguesian geometry, originating with D. Hilbert in his 1899 treatise \textit{Grundlagen der Geometrie}, leads from axioms to the construction of a division ring from which coordinates may be assigned to points, and equations to lines; this theory is highly nonconstructive. The present paper develops this coordinatization theory constructively, in accordance with the principles introduced by Errett Bishop in his 1967 book, \textit{Foundations of Constructive Analysis}. The traditional geometric axioms are adopted, together with two supplementary axioms which are constructively stronger versions of portions of the usual axioms. Stronger definitions, with enhanced constructive meaning, are also selected; these are based on a single primitive notion, and are classically equivalent to the traditional definitions. Brouwerian counterexamples are included; these point out specific nonconstructivities in the classical theory, and the consequent need for strengthened definitions and results in a constructive theory. All the major results of the classical theory are established, in their original form -- revealing their hidden constructive content.

Classification (MSC2000): 51A30

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