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Vol. 48, No. 1, 2007 · Contents

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Sadettin Erdem:
Constancy of maps into $f$-manifolds and pseudo $f$-manifolds

Oldrich Kowalski and Zdenek Vlásek:
Classification of locally projectively homogeneous torsion-less affine connections in the plane domains

Stefan O. Toh\v aneanu:
Topological Criteria for \boldmath$k$-formal Arrangements

Jen\H o Szirmai:
The optimal ball and horoball packings to the Coxeter honeycombs in the hyperbolic \boldmath$d$-space

Bart De Bruyn and Stanley E. Payne:
Some notes on generalized quadrangles of order $s$ with a span of regular points

Victor Pambuccian:
Point-reflections in metric plane

Costantino Delizia, Primo\v z Moravec and Chiara Nicotera:
Groups in which the bounded nilpotency of two-generator subgroups is a transitive relation

Leoni Dalla and Evangelia Samiou:
Curvature and $q$-strict convexity

A. Lesfari:
Abelian varieties, surfaces of general type and integrable systems

Etienne R. Alomo Temgoua and Marcel Tonga:
A notion of functional completeness for first order structures II: Quasiprimality

Joseph M. Ling:
A normed space with the Beckman-Quarles property

Isidoro Gitler, Carlos E. Valencia and Rafael H. Villarreal:
A note on Rees algebras and the MFMC property

Arthur D. Sands and Sándor Szabó:
The possibility of extending factorization results to infinite abelian groups

Benjamin Cahen:
Weyl quantization for principal series

Kadri Arslan, Ridvan Ezentas, Cengizhan Murathan and Toru Sasahara:
Biharmonic anti-invariant submanifolds in Sasakian space forms

P. Biondi, P. M. Lo Re and L. Storme:
On minimum size blocking sets of external lines to a quadric in PG\boldmath($3,q$)

Károly Böröczky jr and Rolf Schneider:
Circumscribed simplices of minimal mean width

Horst Martini and Zokhrab Mustafaev:
On Reuleaux triangles in Minkowski planes

N. Ando:
A surface which has a family of geodesics of curvature

Ali Benhissi:
Ideal structure of Hurwitz series rings

Lucien Haddad and Dietlinde Lau:
Uncountable families of partial clones containing maximal clones

Wenbin Guo and Baojun Li:
On the Shemetkov problem for Fitting classes

Susanne Pumplün:
Sums of $d$th powers in non-commutative rings

Shengliang Pan and Hong Zhang:
A reverse isoperimetric inequality for convex plane curves

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