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Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
Vol. 47, No. 2, 2006 · Contents

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Majid M. Ali:
Multiplication Modules and Tensor Product

Isabel Hubard, Egon Schulte and Asia Ivic Weiss:
Petrie-Coxeter Maps Revisited

E. D. Baladze and V. G. Boltyanski:
Illumination of direct sums of two convex figures

Valeriu Soltan:
Addition and subtraction of homothety classes of convex sets

Mowaffaq Hajja, Horst Martini and Margarita Spirova:
On converses of Napoleon's theorem and a modified shape function

Clare D'Cruz:
Multi-graded extended Rees algebras of $\m$-primary ideals

Jaydeep V. Chipalkatti:
On the Invariant Theory of the B{é}zoutiant

Gabriela Ovando:
Four dimensional symplectic Lie algebras

Mark Pankov:
On the Geometry of Symplectic Involutions

Kristin A. Camenga:
Vector spaces spanned by the angle sums of polytopes

A. R. Moghaddamfar and W. J. Shi:
The Number of Finite Groups whose Element Orders is Given

Rolf Schneider:
Crofton measures in polytopal Hilbert geometries

Gennadiy Averkov:
On boundary arcs joining antipodal points of a planar convex body

G. Raguso and L. Rella:
On pairs of non measurable linear varieties in A$_{n}$

Józef Kalinowski:
Rank of Matrices and the Pexider Equation

Hans Havlicek and Rolf Riesinger:
The Betten-Walker Spread and Cayley's Ruled Cubic Surface

R. Padmanabhan and W. McCune:
Uniqueness of Steiner laws on cubic curves

Marek Lassak:
Characterizations of reduced polytopes finite-dimensional normed spaces

Boris Odehnal, Helmut Pottmann and Johannes Wallner:
Equiform kinematics and the geometry of line elements

Aderemi Kuku:
Equivariant Higher Algebraic K-Theory for Waldhausen Categories

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