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Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
Vol. 47, No. 1, 2006 · Contents

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Xuejun Guo and Aderemi Kuku:
Wild kernels for higher $K$-theory of division and semi-simple algebras

Bang-Yen Chen:
Eigenvalues of a natural operator of centro-affine and graph hypersurfaces

Jürgen Herzog, Gaetana Restuccia and Giancarlo Rinaldo:
On the depth and regularity of the symmetric algebra

Károly Bezdek, Robert Connelly and Balázs Csikós:
On the perimeter of the intersection of congruent disks}

Edoardo Ballico and Claudio Fontanari:
Weighted Gaussian maps

Jessica Sidman and Adam Van Tuyl:
Multigraded regularity: Syzygies and fat points

Daciana Bochis and Francisco Santos:
On the number of facets of three-dimensional Dirichlet stereohedra II: Non-cubic groups

R. Debremaeker and V. Van Lierde:
The effect of quadratic transformations on degree functions

Christian Lomp:
A note on extending Hopf actions to rings of quotients of module algebras

Reem Al-Ghefari, Mohammed Hasan Shahid and Falleh R. Al-Solamy:
Submersion of CR-submanifolds of locally conformal Kähler manifold

Nicholas Proudfoot and David Speyer:
A broken circuit ring

Margarita Spirova:
On Brocard points in the isotropic plane

Aldo Biancofiore, Maria Lucia Fania and Antonio Lanteri:
Semipolarized nonruled surfaces with sectional genus two

Maria Grazia Marinari and Luciana Ramella:
Borel ideals in three variables

Xiankun Du and Junlin Wang:
Generalized adjoint semigroups of a ring

Xiankun Du and Junlin Wang:
Regular generalized adjoint semigroups of a ring

Majid M. Ali:
Multiplication modules and homogeneous idealization

Gil Kaplan and Arieh Lev:
On groups satisfying \boldmath$|G'|>[G:Z(G)]^{1/2}$

B. J. Gardner and Gordon Mason:
Single elements

Walter N. Dal Lago, Alicia N. García and Cristián U. Sánchez:
Submanifolds in the variety of planar normal sections

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