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Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 471-489 (2005)

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An application of type sequences to the blowing-up

Anna Oneto and Elsa Zatini

Dipem, Università di Genova, P. le Kennedy, Pad. D- I 16129 Genova, Italy; e-mail: Dima, Università di Genova, Via Dodecaneso 35 - 16146 Genova, Italy; e-mail:

Abstract: Let $I$ be an $\m$-primary ideal of a one-dimensional, analytically irreducible and residually rational local Noetherian domain $R$. Given the blowing-up of $R$ along $I$, we establish connections between the type-sequence of $R$ and classical invariants like multiplicity, genus and reduction exponent of $I$.

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