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Vol. 46, No. 1, 2005 · Contents

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Valentina Barucci, Marco d'Anna and Ralf Fröberg:
The Apery algorithm for a plane singularity with two branches

Emil Molnár and Eleonóra Stettner:
Symmetry groups and fundamental tilings for the compact surface of genus $3^-$. 2. The normalizer diagram with classification

Jen\H o \ Szirmai:
Horoball packings for the Lambert-cube tilings in the hyperbolic 3-space

Benoit Larose:
Isotone analogs of results
by Mal'tsev and Rosenberg

Mamuka Jibladze and Teimuraz Pirashvili:
Linear extensions and nilpotence of Maltsev theories

Péter Gábor Szabó:
Optimal substructures in optimal and approximate circle packings

Sándor Szabó:
Hajós' theorem and the partition lemma

Frank Leitenberger:
About the group law for the Jacobi variety of a hyperelliptic curve

Daniel A. Jaume and Rubén Puente:
Conjugacy for closed convex sets

A. Végh:
The maximum of the smallest maximal coordinate of the minimum vectors in 6-lattices equals 1

Claude Archer, Philippe Cara and Jan Krempa:
Using the Frattini subgroup and independent generating sets to study RWPri geometries

Rolf Riesinger:
Constructing non-regular algebraic spreads with asymplecticly complemented regulization

G. L. Booth:
Primeness in near-rings of continuous functions 2

Christian Herrmann and Géza Takách:
A characterization of subgroup lattices of finite abelian groups

Miriam Abdón and Fernando Torres:
On $F_{q^2}$-maximal curves of genus $\mathbf{\frac{1}{6}(q-3)q}$

Alberto Pambira:
Harmonic morphisms between degenerate semi-Riemannian manifolds

Krzysztof Petelczyc:
Series of inscribed $n$-gons and rank $3$ configurations

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