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Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
Vol. 45, No. 1, 2004 · Contents

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Thomas Guédénon:
Tauvel's height formula in iterated differential operator rings

Giuseppe Caristi and Massimiliano Ferrara:
On Buffon's problem for a lattice and its deformations

G.L. Booth and P.R. Hall:
Primeness in near-rings of continuous functions

Marion Hübner and Holger P. Petersson:
Two-dimensional real division algebras revisited

Peter McMullen:
Triangulations of simplicial polytopes

László Kozma, Alexandru Kristály and Csaba Varga:
Critical point theorems on Finsler manifolds

Majid M. Ali and David J. Smith:
Pure submodules of multiplication modules

Nihal Yilmaz Özgür and \.I. Naci Cangül:
On the principal congruence subgroups of the Hecke-group $H(\sqrt{5})$

Eric Loubeau and Xiaohuan Mo:
The geometry of pseudo harmonic morphisms

Florence Gouli-Andreou and Niki Tsolakidou:
Conformally flat contact metric manifolds with $Q\xi=\varrho\xi$

Miguel Ferrero and Rogério Ricardo Steffenon:
Normalizing extensions of semiprime rings

Alan West:
Unbounded regions in an arrangement of lines in the plane

H. Groemer:
Deviation measures and normals of convex bodies

Claude-Alain Faure and Gavin J. Seal:
Morphisms of polar spaces

Eduard Boda and Peter Schenzel:
A note on the computation of multiplicities

Rosa M. B. Chaves and Claudia Cueva C\^ andido:
On a conjecture about the Gauss map of complete spacelike surfaces with constant mean curvature in the Lorentz-Minkowski space

Georg Stamou and Athanasios Magkos:
Regelflächen relativgeometrisch behandelt

Joseph M. Ling:
The problem of polygons with hidden vertices

Á. G. Horváth:
Bisectors in Minkowski 3-space

Surjeet Singh and Hind Al-Bleehed:
Rings with indecomposable modules local

Bernhard Köck:
Belyi's theorem revisited

Greg Kuperberg, Krystyna Kuperberg and W{\l}odzimierz Kuperberg:
Lattice packings with gap defects are not completely saturated

Zsolt Lángi:
On seven points in the boundary of a plane convex body in large relative distances

Josef \v Slapal:
Categories of locally diagonal partial algebras

Huili Liu:
Curves in the lightlike cone

Gabor Toth:
Critical points of the distance function on the moduli space for spherical eigenmaps and minimal immersions

Paola Parenti:
Rokhlin's formula for dividing T-curves

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