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Vol. 44, No. 1, 2003 · Contents

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Gabi Preissler:
Isothermic Surfaces and Hopf Cylinders

Bang-Yen Chen:
More on Convolution of Riemannian Manifolds

F. Buekenhout, P.-O. Dehaye and D. Leemans:
RWPRI and (2T)$_1$ Flag-transitive Linear Spaces

Eike Hertel and Christian Richter:
Squaring the Circle by Dissection

László Verhóczki:
Special Cohomogeneity One Isometric Actions on Irreducible Symmetric Spaces of Types I and II

Majid M. Ali and David J. Smith:
Generalized GCD Rings II

Jonathan D. H. Smith:
On the Dimension of Finite Permutation Group Actions

E. Ballico, N. Chiarli and S. Greco:
Projective Schemes with Degenerate General Hyperplane Section II

Antonio Breda D'Azevedo and Roman Nedela:
Chiral Hypermaps of Small Genus

S. Kántor:
On the Volume of Unbounded Polyhedra in the Hyperbolic Space

Grzegorz Sójka:
On Mappings Preserving a Family of Star Bodies

Maks A. Akivis and Vladislav V. Goldberg:
Smooth Lines on Projective Planes over Two-Dimensional Algebras and Submanifolds with Degenerate Gauss Maps

Tsan-Ming Lok and K. P. Shum:
On Matrix Rings over Unit-Regular Rings

Alberto Cavicchioli, Beatrice Ruini and Fulvia Spaggiari:
Decomposing Four-Manifolds up to Homotopy Type

Shyuichi Izumiya and Nobuko Takeuchi:
Special Curves and Ruled Surfaces

Franz Georg Timmesfeld:
Groups with Root-System of Type $BC_\ell$

Gabriele Nebe:
Even Lattices with Covering Radius $< \sqrt{2}$

Gábor Gévay:
Construction of Non-Wythoffian Perfect 4-Polytopes

Johannes Wallner:
Hopf Mappings for Complex Quaternions

W. Guggenberger and J. Rung:
L-Gruppoide: Algebraische und topologische Eigenschaften spezieller Gruppoide

Alfio Ragusa and Giuseppe Zappalà:
Partial Intersections and Graded Betti Numbers

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