Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie / Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

Vol. 43, No. 1, 2002 · Contents

Bertrand Haas:
A Simple Counterexample to Kouchnirenko's Conjecture

Soren Have Hansen:
Picard Groups of Deligne-Lusztig Varieties - with a View toward Higher Codimensions

Olivier Mermoud, Marcel Steiner:
Configuration Spaces of Weighted Graphs in High Dimensional Euclidean Spaces

Tim Richter:
Lech Inequalities for Deformations of Singularities Defined by Power Products of Degree 2

Jürgen Tölke:
To the Isotropic Generalization of Wallace Lines

Martin Bokler, Klaus Metsch:
On the Smallest Minimal Blocking Sets in Projective Space Generating the Whole Space

Clare Coleman, David Easdown:
Decomposition of Rings under the Circle Operation

Eline Govaert, Hendrik Van Maldeghem:
Distance-preserving Maps in Generalized Polygons, I. Maps on Flags

Robert Wisbauer, Mohamed F. Yousif, Yiqiang Zhou:
Ikeda-Nakayama Modules

Bernulf Weissbach, Horst Martini:
On the Chiral Archimedean Solids

Kurt Leichtweiss:
On the Affine Convexity of Convex Curves and Hypersurfaces

Miguel A. Goberna, Valentin Jornet, Margarita Rodriguez:
On the Characterization of some Families of Closed Convex Sets

J. Rataj and M. Zähle:
A Remark on Mixed Curvature Measures for Sets with Positive Reach

F. Gouli-Andreou and Ph. J. Xenos:
A Classification of Contact Metric 3-Manifolds with Constant $\xi$-sectional and $\phi$-sectional Curvatures

Paul Baird and Luis Gallardo:
A Class of Discriminant Varieties in the Conformal 3-Sphere

Cicero Carvalho:
Weierstrass Gaps and Curves on a Scroll

Demeter Krupka:
Natural Projectors in Tensor Spaces

J. C. Rosales, J. I. Garcia-Garcia:
Finitely Generated Weakly Reductive Commutative Semigroups

Gabor Gévay:
On Perfect 4-Polytopes

Serge Lawrencenko, Seiya Negami, Idjad Kh. Sabitov:
A Simpler Construction of Volume Polynomials for a Polyhedron

Tsasa Lusala:
Cubic Form Geometry for Surfaces in $ S^3(1)$

Sergei Ovchinnikov:
Max-Min Representation of Piecewise Linear Functions

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