Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie / Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

Vol. 42, No. 2, 2001 · Contents

Godfried Toussaint:
A New Class of Stuck Unknots in $Pol_6$

Thomas Fevens, Antonio Hernandez, Antonio Mesa, Patrick Morin, Michael Soss, Godfried Toussaint:
Simple Polygons with an Infinite Sequence of Deflations

Vladimir Boltyanski; Horst Martini:
Covering Belt Bodies by Smaller Homothetical Copies

Giuseppe De Cecco, Giuliana Palmieri:
Asymptotically Equal Generalized Distances: Induced Topologies and $p$-Energy of a Curve

Valery Vermeulen:
Moufang Buildings and Twin Buildings

Lars Kadison; A. A. Stolin:
An Approach to Hopf Algebras via Frobenius Coordinates

M. Boulagouaz; L. Oukhtite:
$\sigma$-Semisimple Rings

Thomas Guédénon:
Actions of Hopf Algebras on Fully Bounded Noetherian Rings

Victor Pambuccian:
A Methodologically Pure Proof of a Convex Geometry Problem

Do Ngoc Diep, Nguyen Viet Hai:
Quantum Half-Planes via Deformation Quantization

Do Ngoc Diep, Nguyen Viet Hai:
Quantum Co-Adjoint Orbits of the Group of Affine Transformations of the Complex Line

Gerhard Wesp:
The Upper Bound Conjecture for Arrangements of Halfspaces

Günter Ewald:
Polygons with Hidden Vertices

Holger Brenner:
Rings of Global Sections in Two-dimensional Schemes

Dave Witte:
Homogeneous Lorentz Manifolds with Simple Isometry Group

Nguyen Duc Hoang:
On Mixed Multiplicities of Homogeneous Ideals

John H. Conway, Olaf Delgado Friedrichs, Daniel H. Huson, William P. Thurston:
On Three-Dimensional Space Groups

Johannes Huisman:
Inflection Points on Real Plane Curves Having Many Pseudo-Lines

H. Groemer, L. J. Wallen:
A Measure of Asymmetry for Domains of Constant Width

Kadri Arslan, Ridvan Ezentas, Ion Mihai, Cengizhan Murathan, Cihan Özgür:
Tensor Product Surfaces of a Euclidean Space Curve and a Euclidean Plane Curve

Hans-Peter Schröcker:
A Family of Conics and Three Special Ruled Surfaces

Samet Kera:
On the Permutation Products of Manifolds

Majid M. Ali, David J. Smith:
Finite and Infinite Collections of Multiplication Modules

Zvonko Cerin:
On Propellers from Triangles

Bayram Sahin; Rifat G\"{u}nes:
Geodesic CR-Lightlike Submanifolds

Stéphane Grognet:
Courbes et polygones faiblement convexes en courbure strictement négative pincée

Jörn Quistorff:
On Codes with Given Minimum Distance and Covering Radius

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