Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie / Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

Vol. 42, No. 1, 2001 · Contents

Antonio J. Breda d'Azevedo; Gareth A. Jones:
Platonic Hypermaps

Antonio J. Breda d'Azevedo; Gareth A. Jones:
Rotary Hypermaps of Genus 2

Min Ho Lee:
Hecke Operators on the $q$-Analogue of Group Cohomology

Josef Schicho:
The Multiple Conical Surfaces

T. Bisztriczky:
A Construction for Periodically-Cyclic Gale $2m$-Polytopes

Maria Evelina Rossi; Giuseppe Valla:
\font\mf=eufm10 Stretched {\mf m}-primary Ideals

Stefano Campi, Andrea Colesanti, Paolo Gronchi:
Shaking Compact Sets

D.K.H.Mochida, M.C.Romero-Fuster, M.A.S.Ruas:
Singularities and Duality in the Flat Geometry of Submanifolds of Euclidean Spaces

Jaime Ripoll; Ruy Tojeiro:
Multi-helicoidal Euclidean Submanifolds of Constant Sectional Curvature

Bang-Yen Chen:
A Series of Kählerian Invariants and their Applications to Kählerian Geometry

M. I. Ursul:
Locally Compact Topologically Nil and Monocompact PI-rings

Konrad Pioro:
On Some Influence of the Weak Subalgebra Lattice on the Subalgebra Lattice

Laszlo Szabo; Zoltan Ujvary-Menyhart:
Maximal Facet-to-Facet Snakes of Unit Cubes

Majid M. Ali; David J. Smith:
Generalized GCD Rings

J. Z. Farkas:
The Classification of $ S^2\times R$ Space Groups

Igor Yu. Potemine:
Drinfeld-Anderson Shtukas and Uniformization of $A$-Motives via Sato Grassmannians

Rolf Schneider:
On the Busemann Area in Minkowski Spaces

S. Tumurbat; H. Zand:
Hereditariness, Strongness and Relationship between Brown-McCoy and Behrens Radicals

A. Miernowski, W. Mozgawa:
Isoptics of Pairs of Nested Closed Strictly Convex Curves and Crofton-Type Formulas

Ice B. Risteski, Kostadin G. Trencevski:
Principal Values and Principal Subspaces of Two Subspaces of Vector Spaces with Inner Product

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