Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie / Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

Vol. 41, No. 2, 2000 · Contents

Gareth Jones, Mikhail Klin, Felix Lazebnik:
Automorphic Subsets of the $n$-dimensional Cube

A. V. Kelarev:
Varieties and Sums of Rings

Achill Schürmann:
On Parametric Density of Finite Circle Packings

Mathieu Meyer, Shlomo Reisner:
A Geometric Proof of Some Inequalities Involving Mixed Volumes

Juan D. Velez, Rigoberto Florez:
Failure of Splitting from Module-Finite Extension Rings

Sheila Carter, Yusuf Kaya:
Immersions with a Parallel Normal Field

Antonio J. Breda d'Azevedo, Gareth A. Jones:
Double Coverings and Reflexive Abelian Hypermaps

Arnfried Kemnitz, Laszlo Szabo, Zoltan Ujvary-Menyhart:
Protecting Regular Polygons

Ferenc Fodor:
The Densest Packing of 12 Congruent Circles in a Circle

Karoly Bezdek:
On Rhombic Dodecahedra

Bernulf Weissbach:
Sets with Large Borsuk Number

Bernulf Weissbach:
On a Covering Problem in the Plane

Michael Schaaf:
Decomposition of Isometric Immersions between Warped Products

Ulrich Brehm, Jürgen Voigt:
Asymptotics of Cross Sections for Convex Bodies

Stefan Blum:
Initially Koszul Algebras

Jörn Quistorff:
On Codes with Given Minimum Distance and Covering Radius

Rolf Riesinger:
The Second Extension of the Thas-Walker Construction

S. Veldsman:
Polynomial and Transformation Composition Rings

Cristian U. Sanchez, Alicia N. Garcia, Walter Dal Lago:
Planar Normal Sections on the Natural Embedding of a Real Flag Manifold

Laura Felicia Matusevich:
Rational Summation of Rational Functions

Lucien Haddad, Dietlinde Lau:
Pairwise Intersections of Slupecki Type Maximal Partial Clones

Helmut Salzmann:
On the Classification of 16-dimensional Planes

Mario Petrich, Pedro V. Silva:
Relatively Free *-Bands

Eike Hertel:
Self-similar Simplices

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