Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

ISSN 0138-4821 · Volume 39 (1998), No. 2 · Electronic Edition


W. Bruns; U. Vetter:
A Remark on Koszul Complexes

V. Pambuccian:
Euclidean Superpythagorean Geometry

M. Lassak:
Covering a Three-Dimensional Convex Body by Smaller Homothetic Copies

Z. Cerin:
Regular Hexagons Associated to Centroid Sharing Triangles

C. Droms, B. Servatius, H. Servatius:
Connectivity and Planarity of Cayley Graphs

I. Kolar:
On Holonomicity Criteria in Second Order Geometry

Johannes Wallner, Horng-Yang Chen, Helmut Pottmann:
Galilei Laguerre Geometry and Rational Circular Offset Surfaces

Anton Gfrerrer, Johann Lang:
Equiform Bundle Motions in $E_3$ with Spherical Trajectories I

Anton Gfrerrer, Johann Lang:
Equiform Bundle Motions in $E_3$ with Spherical Trajectories II

H. L. Liu, U. Simon, C. P. Wang:
Higher Order Codazzi Tensors on Conformally Flat Spaces

Alexander Stein:
$1{1\over 2}$-Generation of Finite Simple Groups

Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen:
Weierstrass Polynomials for Links

Victor Alexandrov:
Sufficient Conditions for the Extendibility of an $n$-th Order Flex of Polyhedra

Ethan D. Bloch:
The Angle Defect for Arbitrary Polyhedra

Maks A. Akivis, Vladislav V. Goldberg:
The Darboux Mapping of Canal Hypersurfaces

Yi Hong, Chorng Shi Houh:
Lagrangian Submanifolds of Quaternion Kaehlerian Manifolds Satisfying Chen's Equality

Sandor Kantor:
On the Area of a Polygon in the Hyperbolic Plane

S. Molinelli, D. P. Patil, G. Tamone:
On the Cohen-Macaulayness of the Associated Graded Ring of Certain Monomial Curves

Anita Kripfganz:
Solution Branching of a General Perimeter Partition Problem

Thorsten Pfeiffer:
Pappus' Theorem for Ring-geometries

Erhard Quaisser:
Lower Levels of Euclidean Planes

Karoly Bezdek, Robert Connelly:
The Minimum Mean Width Translation Cover for Sets of Diameter One

Horst Martini, Endre Makai, Valeriu Soltan:
Unilateral Tilings of the Plane with Squares of Three Sizes

István Prok:
Classification of dodecahedral space forms

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