Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

ISSN 0138-4821 · Volume 39 (1998), No. 1 · Electronic Edition


T. Y. Li and X. Wang:
On Multivariate Descartes' Rule - A Counterexample

Pierrick Meignen:
Generating Series for the Coxeter Groups and Applications

John Brinkman:
Generators of Order two for B$_n$ and three of its Double Covers

Marina Bertolini and Cristina Turrini:
Surfaces in $ P^4$ with no Quadrisecant Lines

Michael Wüstner:
On the Exponential Function of Real Splittable and Real Semisimple Lie Groups

Ezra N. Miller:
Multiplicities of Ideals in Noetherian Rings

A. Gorodentsev; B. Shapiro:
On associated Discriminants for Polynomials in one Variable

A. Awane:
Some Affine Properties of the $k$-symplectic manifolds

E. Ballico:
On the General Hyperplane Section of a Projective Curve

Dimitri Leemans:
The Rank 2 Geometries of the Simple Suzuki Groups $S\hskip-1pt z(q)$

R. Bödi:
Solvable Collineation Groups of Smooth Projective Planes

B. Polster; A. E. Schroth:
Plane Models of Semi-biplanes

Oldrich Kowalski; Stana Z. Nikcevic:
Contact Homogeneity and Envelopes of Riemannian Metrics

Bang-yen Chen; Shi-jie Li:
Spherical Hypersurfaces with 2-Type Gauss Map

V. V. Gorlov; R. Pöschel:
Clones Closed with Respect to Permutation Groups or Transformation Semigroups

Jean-Michel Kantor:
Triangulations of Integral Polytopes and Ehrhart Polynomials

F. v. Haeseler; A. Petersen:
Automaticity of Rational Functions

Petru Dragos:
Non-Standard Curves Embedded in the Non-Standard Euclidian Plane