Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

ISSN 0138-4821 · Volume 38 (1997), No. 2 · Electronic Edition


K. Böröczky Jr., J. Wills:
Finite Sphere Packings and Critical Radii

Andreas W.M. Dress:
A simple, (almost) non-inductive Proof for the Existence of Composite Fields and Algebraic Closures

Gary F. Birkenmeier, Nico J. Groenewald, Henry E. Heatherly:
Minimal and Maximal Ideals in Rings with Involution

Walter Börner, Christian Richter:
Entropy, Capacity and Arrangements on the Cube

K.I. Beidar:
On Rings with Zero Total

Keresztély Corrádi, Sándor Szabó:
An Axiomatic Approach for the Hajós Theorem

Renate Jaritz:
Oriented Matroids in Terms of Order Functions

Emil Molnár:
The Projective Interpretation of the Eight 3-dimensional Homogeneous Geometries

Hans Havlicek, Corrado Zanella:
Quadratic Embeddings

Jürgen Tölke:
To the Isotropic Analogue of the Theorem of Abramescu

Peter Schmitt:
Spacefilling Knots

Erhard Quaisser:
Schwache Kongruenzebenen

G. Calvaruso, Ph. Tondeur, L. Vanhecke:
Four-dimensional Ball-homogeneous and C-spaces

Corinna Wiedorn:
A Tilde Geometry for $F_4(2)$

O. Fleury:
Automorphismes de U_q(b^+)

S. Yoshiara:
On some flag-transitive non-classical c.C_2-geometries II

Marek Lassak:
On-line and q-adic Packing Sequences of Segments, Cubes and Boxes

Andrea K. Bach:
Teilverhältnisse in affinen Räumen über Moduln

Miguel Ferrero, Antonio Paques:
Galois Theory of Commutative Rings Revisited

Hans Plesner Jakobsen, Hechun Zhang:
The Center of the Dipper Donkin Quantized Matrix Algebra

Maria de los Angeles Hernandez Cifre, P.R. Scott, Salvador Segura Gomis:
On the Centre of Gravity and Width of Lattice-constrained Convex Sets in the Plane

E. Ballico:
On the Stability of the Restricted Tangent Bundle of Space Curves Contained in a Quartic Surface

C. Scharlach, U. Simon, L. Verstraelen, L. Vrancken:
A New Intrinsic Curvature Invariant for Centroaffine Hypersurfaces