Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

ISSN 0138-4821 · Volume 38 (1997), No. 1 · Electronic Edition


R. Connelly, I. Sabitov, A.Walz:
The Bellows Conjecture

Victor Alexandrov:
An Example of a Flexible Polyhedron with Nonconstant Volume in the Spherical Space

Sadettin Erdem:
Harmonic Maps of Lorentz Surfaces, Quadratic Differentials and Paraholomorphicity

Ottmar Loos:
Discriminant Algebras and Adjoints of Quadratic Forms

Rolf Schneider:
On Areas and Integral Geometry in Minkowski Spaces

Peter Brass, Irmina Herburt:
On Point Sets fixing a Convex Body from within

Ludwig Stammler:
Cutting Circles and the Morley Theorem

Georg Hein:
On the Generalized Theta Divisor

Hans-Joachim Kroll, Andrzej Matras:
Minkowski Planes with Miquelian Pairs

Dieter Betten, Anton Betten:
Regular Linear Spaces

Sheila Carter, Ugur Dursun:
On Generalized Chen and k-minimal Immersions

Mina Teicher:
Commutativity of the Schur Algebra

Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro, Mina Teicher:
Correspondence bewteen Representations of the Dual Reductive Pair $O(n)$ and $SL_2$

K.I. Beidar, R. Wiegandt:
Radicals induced by the Total of Rings

Anita Kripfganz:
An Isoperimetric Partition Problem

M.C. Romero-Fuster, V.D. Sedykh:
A Lower Estimate for the Number of Zero-Torsion Points of a Space Curve