Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

ISSN 0138-4821 · Electronic Edition

Managing Editors

Prof. Dr. H. Martini

Fakultät für Mathematik
TU Chemnitz
09107 Chemnitz

Prof. Dr. G. Stroth

Fachbereich Mathematik
06099 Halle

Prof. Dr. J. Stückrad

Mathematisches Institut
Universität Leipzig
Augustusplatz 6
04109 Leipzig

Editorial Board

J. Böhm (Jena), F. Buekenhout (Brussels), Guiyun Chen (Beibei), R. Connelly (Ithaca), A. W. M. Dress (Bielefeld), K. Erdmann (Oxford), H. Flenner (Bochum), S. Goto (Tokyo), P. M. Gruber (Vienna), H. Havlicek (Vienna), J. Heintz (Santander), E. Hertel (Jena), B. Herzog (Leipzig), A. A. Ivanov (London), K. Keimel (Darmstadt), A. Kerber (Bayreuth), A. Kock (Aarhus), W. Kuperberg (Auburn), M. P. Malliavin (Paris), P. McMullen (London), E. Miller (Minneapolis), R. Miró–Roig (Barcelona), E. Molnár (Budapest), A. Pasini (Siena), D. S. Passman (Madison), D. P. Patil (Bangalore), R. Pöschel (Dresden), E. T. Schmidt (Budapest), T. Shoji (Tokyo), B. Singh (Bombay), S. Smith (Chicago), V. Soltan (Fairfax), M. Spirova (Chemnitz), U. Storch (Bochum), K. J. Swanepoel (London), L. Vrancken (Valenciennes), B. Wegner (Berlin), J. M. Wills (Siegen), J. C. Wood (Leeds).

Aims and Scope

The mathematical journal Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie was founded in 1971 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of O.–H. Keller. It publishes research articles in the areas of algebra, geometry, algebraic geometry and related fields, preferably in English language.


One volume per year, consisting of two issues with about 250 pages each.


The journal is published by Springer Verlag and can be ordered from

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Tel. +49/6221/345-0
FAX +49/6221/345-4229

Fulltexts become freely available in EMIS after a “moving wall” of 5 years.

Editorial Office

H. Martini, Fakultät für Mathematik, TU Chemnitz, 09107 Chemnitz, Germany; e-mail:

Instructions for Authors

Contributions, preferably written in English, should be sent in the form of two copies to

or to any other member of the Editorial Board.

No page charge is made. A total of 12 reprints of each contribution will be sent to the author(s) free of charge.

We ask authors to send us electronic files of their papers.

A style file in Plain-TeX and a sample file of a complete article is available from the editorial office upon request.

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