Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 21 (2019)

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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Mohamed Akkouchi
    On the Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of a nonlinear integral equation,
    pp. 1-10. [PDF]

  2. Vladimir Balan, Halina V. Grushevskaya, Nina G. Krylova, George G. Krylov, and Ihor V. Lipnevich
    Two-dimensional first-order phase transition as signature change event in contact statistical manifolds with Finsler metric,
    pp. 11-26. [PDF]

  3. Tudor Barbu
    Compound Second-order hyperbolic partial differential equation-based structural interpolation model,
    pp. 27-33. [PDF]

  4. Haci Mehmet Baskonus, Carlo Cattani and Armando Ciancio
    Periodic, complex and kink-type solitons for the nonlinear model in microtubules,
    pp. 34-45. [PDF]

  5. Abderrahmane Bensid, Halim Zeghdoudi and Azzedine Benchettah
    Chi-squared type test for Gamma-Lindley distribution,
    pp. 46-53. [PDF]

  6. Amine Bernoussi
    Global stability analysis of an SEIR epidemic model with relapse and general incidence rates,
    pp. 54-68. [PDF]

  7. Patrick Cabau
    Projective limits of local shift morphisms,
    pp. 69-83. [PDF]

  8. Shyamal Debnath and Amaresh Debnath
    Study of ring structure from multiset context,
    pp. 84-90. [PDF]

  9. Sadik Delen, Aysun Yurttas, Muge Togan and Ismail Naci Cangul
    Omega invariant of graphs and cyclicness,
    pp. 91-95. [PDF]

  10. Aurel Diamandescu
    Psi-asymptotic stability of solutions of a nonlinear Lyapunov matrix differential equation,
    pp. 96-106. [PDF]

  11. Rupam Haloi, Mausumi Sen and Binod Chandra Tripathy
    Statistically lacunary convergence of generalized difference sequences in probabilistic normed spaces,
    pp. 107-118. [PDF]

  12. Mohammad Hassan and Swaroop Nandan Bora
    Diffraction of water waves by a finite circular hollow cylinder in water of infinite depth,
    pp. 119-135. [PDF]

  13. Chairul Imron, Lutfi Mardianto, Basuki Widodo and Triyogi Yuwono
    Mathematical model of the drag coefficient using three passive controls on a circular cylinder,
    pp. 136-145. [PDF]

  14. Carole Louis-Rose
    Null controllability of parabolic coupled system with control under constraints,
    pp. 146-158. [PDF]

  15. Majid Mirmiran and Binesh Naderi
    Strong insertion of a contra-continuous function between two comparable real-valued functions,
    pp. 159-169. [PDF]

  16. Haji Mohammad Mohammadinejad, Omid Rabiei Motlagh and Mohammad Darvishi
    Neimark-Sacker bifurcation control for delayed Nicholson's equation,
    pp. 170-174. [PDF]

  17. Mehdi Nadjafikhah and Naser Asadi
    Lie symmetry analysis and conservation laws of ZDE,
    pp. 175-183. [PDF]

  18. Jhoana Patricia Romero-Leiton and Eduardo Ibarguen-Mondragon
    Stability analysis and optimal control intervention strategies of a malaria mathematical model,
    pp. 184-219. [PDF]

  19. Gauree Shanker and Kirandeep Kaur
    Homogeneous Finsler space with infinite series (alpha,beta)-metric,
    pp. 219-235. [PDF]

  20. Nagarajan Subramanian, Ayhan Esi and Mustafa Kemal Ozdemir
    Generalized Wijsman rough Weierstrass statistical six dimensional triple geometric difference sequence spaces of fractional order defined by Musielak-Orlicz function of interval numbers,
    pp. 236-252. [PDF]

  21. Serban Emilian Vlad
    On the generalized technical condition of proper operation of the Boolean asynchronous systems,
    pp. 253-263. [PDF]

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