Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 11 (2009)

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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Ali Reza Amani, Jafar Sadeghi and Taghi Barzegar
    The stability of tachyonic field system by factorization method
    Pp. 1-8, [PDF]

  2. Cyriaque Atindogbe
    Scalar curvature on lightlike hypersurfaces
    Pp. 9-18, [PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan and Ileana Rodica Nicola
    Berwald-Moor metrics and structural stability of conformally-deformed geodesic SODE
    Pp. 19-34, [PDF]

  4. David Carfi
    Payoff space in C^1-games
    Pp. 35-47, [PDF]

  5. Vincenzo Ciancio, Francesco Farsaci and Patrizia Rogolino
    Mathematical approach to the relaxation phenomena
    Pp. 48-59, [PDF]

  6. Hemen Dutta
    Characterization of certain matrix classes involving generalized difference summability spaces
    Pp. 60-67, [PDF]

  7. Ozcan Gelisgen and Rustem Kaya
    The CC-version of the Stewart's Theorem
    Pp. 68-77, [PDF]

  8. Abdelouahab Kadem
    The fractional transport equation: an analytical solution and a spectral approximation by Chebyshev polynomials
    Pp. 78-90, [PDF]

  9. Mehdi Nadjafikhah and Ahmad-Reza Forough
    Galilean geometry of motions
    Pp. 91-105, [PDF]

  10. M. R. Pahlavani, J. Sadeghi and M. Ghezelbash
    Solutions of the central Woods-Saxon potential in l<=0 MODIFICATION
    Pp. 106-113, [PDF]

  11. A. Razani, Z. Mazlumi Nezhad and M. Boujary
    A fixed point theorem for w-distance
    Pp. 114-117, [PDF]

  12. Jafar Sadeghi
    Factorization method and Gegenbauer polynomials in tense brane black hole
    Pp. 118-122, [PDF]

  13. Ammar M. Sarhan and Mazen Zaindin
    Modified Weibull distribution
    Pp. 123-136, [PDF]

  14. Corneliu Sochichiu
    On Nambu bracket representations of 3-algebras
    Pp. 137-144, [PDF]

  15. Constantin Tarcolea, Adrian Paris, Adina Demetrescu-Tarcolea
    Statistical methods applied for materials selection
    Pp. 145-150, [PDF]

  16. Omur Umut
    Controlling chaos in nuclear spin generator system using backstepping design
    Pp. 151-160, [PDF]

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