Algebra Montpellier Announcements.
Annonces de Montpellier en Algèbre.
01-2003   Each research announcements is 5 pages or less.

Théories d'homologie, représentations et algèbres de Hopf
Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques CIRM Luminy - France
June 10 - 14, 2002

INVITED EDITORS : Andrea Solotar and Maria Julia Redondo.

Nicolas Andruskiewitsch and Matias Graña 
Examples of liftings of Nichols algebras over racks.
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B. Bendiffalah and D. Guin 
Cohomologie de l'algèbre triangulaire et applications.
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E. L. Green, E. N. Marcos, R. Martinez-Villa and Pu Zhang
N-Koszul algebras, a summary.
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Max Karoubi
Sur une theorie des cochaines tresses en topologie algebrique.
R. Martinez-Villa and Dan Zacharia
Selfinjective Koszul algebras.
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Sonia Natale
On semisimple Hopf algebras of low dimension.
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Eric Reynaud
Incidence algebras and algebraic fundamental group.
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Manuel Saorin
Invariance properties of automorphisms groups of algebras.
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Rachel Taillefer
Graded-commutativity of the Yoneda product of Hopf bimodules. 
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Micheline Vigue
Hochschild homology of finite dimensional algebras.
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Alexander Zimmermann 
Comments on gentleness of endomorphism algebras.
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