Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 47 (2011), No. 5 · Electronic Edition

Klaus Bering
Noether’s theorem for a fixed region
pp. 337–356: Abstract, GZIP-PS (446 KiB), PDF (427 KiB)

Ján Brajerčík
Invariant variational problems on principal bundles and conservation laws
pp. 357–366: Abstract, GZIP-PS (390 KiB), PDF (399 KiB)

Martin Kolář and Francine Meylan
Infinitesimal CR automorphisms of hypersurfaces of finite type in ${\mathbb{C}}^2$
pp. 367–375: Abstract, GZIP-PS (396 KiB), PDF (397 KiB)

Martin Markl and Elisabeth Remm
Operads for $n$-ary algebras – calculations and conjectures
pp. 377–387: Abstract, GZIP-PS (454 KiB), PDF (465 KiB)

Hana Chudá and Josef Mikeš
Conformally geodesic mappings satisfying a certain initial condition
pp. 389–394: Abstract, GZIP-PS (340 KiB), PDF (351 KiB)

Marcella Palese, Ekkehart Winterroth, and E. Garrone
Second variational derivative of local variational problems and conservation laws
pp. 395–403: Abstract, GZIP-PS (395 KiB), PDF (404 KiB)

Libor Šnobl
Maximal solvable extensions of filiform algebras
pp. 405–414: Abstract, GZIP-PS (368 KiB), PDF (376 KiB)

Jian Qiu and Maxim Zabzine
Introduction to graded geometry, Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism and their applications
pp. 415–471: Abstract, GZIP-PS (1218 KiB), PDF (1159 KiB)