Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 45 (2009), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

H. R. Salimi Moghaddam
On the geometry of some para-hypercomplex Lie groups
pp. 159–170: Abstract, GZIP-PS (408 KiB), PDF (411 KiB)

Ram U. Verma
General implicit variational inclusion problems involving $a$-maximal relaxed accretive mappings in Banach spaces
pp. 171–177: Abstract, GZIP-PS (329 KiB), PDF (341 KiB)

Firas Ghanim and Maslina Darus
On new subclass of analytic functions with respect to symmetric points
pp. 179–188: Abstract, GZIP-PS (342 KiB), PDF (365 KiB)

Jarosław Morchało
Stability problems for linear differential and difference systems
pp. 189–202: Abstract, GZIP-PS (369 KiB), PDF (387 KiB)

Özkan Öcalan
Linearized oscillation of nonlinear difference equations with advanced arguments
pp. 203–212: Abstract, GZIP-PS (386 KiB), PDF (377 KiB)

A. Ebadian and A. A. Shokri
On the Lipschitz operator algebras
pp. 213–222: Abstract, GZIP-PS (379 KiB), PDF (395 KiB)

Josef Rebenda
Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of real two-dimensional differential system with nonconstant delay
pp. 223–236: Abstract, GZIP-PS (418 KiB), PDF (421 KiB)