Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 43 (2007), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

Bruno de Malafosse
Calculations in new sequence spaces
p. 1-18: Abstract, gzip-ps (190 K), pdf (191 K)

Moharram A. Khan
Classification of rings satisfying some constraints on subsets
p. 19-29: Abstract, gzip-ps  (140 K), pdf (132 K)

Mohammad Reza Darafsheh, Yaghoub Farjami, Abdollah Sadrudini
A characterization property of the simple group $PSL_{4}(5)$ by the set of its element orders
p. 31-37: Abstract, gzip-ps (156 K), pdf (133 K)

Manabu Naito
On the number of zeros of bounded nonoscillatory solutions to higher-order nonlinear ordinary differential equations
p. 39-53: Abstract, gzip-ps (162 K), pdf (167 K)

Liu Zhongkui
On $S$-Noetherian rings
p. 55-60: Abstract, gzip-ps (138K), pdf (115 K)

P. V. Danchev
On countable extensions of primary abelian groups
p. 61-66: Abstract, gzip-ps (124 K), pdf (105K)

Yuji Liu
Periodic solutions of second order nonlinear functional difference equations
p. 67-74: Abstract, gzip-ps (139 K), pdf (115 K)

Mariella Cecchi, Zuzana Dosla and Mauro Marini
Limit and integral properties of principal solutions for half-linear differential equations
p. 75-86: Abstract, gzip-ps (149 K), pdf (1445K)