On $\theta$-closed sets and some forms of continuity

Mohammad Saleh

  Department of Mathematics, Birzeit University, P.O. Box 14, West Bank, Palestine

E-mail. msaleh@birzeit.edu; salehm@math.ohiou.edu

In this paper, we further the study of $\theta $-compactness a generalization of quasi-H-closed sets and its applications to some forms of continuity using $\theta $-open and $\delta $-open sets. Among other results, it is shown a weakly $\theta $-retract of a Hausdorff space $X$ is a $\delta $-closed subset of $X$.

AMSclassification. 54C08, 54D05, 54D30.

Keywords.  Almost closure continuity, $\theta$-open, $\theta$-closed, quasi-H-closed, S-Hausdorff spaces, n-compactness.