On weak forms of preopen and preclosed functions

Miguel Caldas and Govindappa Navalagi

M. Caldas, Departamento de Matematica Aplicada, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rua Mario Santos Braga, s/n, CEP: 24020-140, Niteroi, RJ  Brasil

G. B. Navalagi, Department of Mathematics, KLE  Societys, G. H.College, Haveri-581110, Karnataka, India

E-mail.  gmamccs@vm.uff.br     gnavalagi@hotmail.com

 In this paper we introduce two classes of functions called weakly preopen and weakly preclosed functions  as generalization  of weak openness and weak closedness due to [26] and [27] respectively. We obtain their characterizations, their basic properties and their relationshisps with other types of functions between topological spaces.

AMSclassification. Primary: 54A40, 54C10, 54D10; Secondary: 54C08.

Keywords.  Preopen sets preclosed sets, weakly preclosed functions, extremally disconnected spaces, quasi H-closed spaces.