Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 40 (2004), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

J. M. Rassias
Solution of a quadratic stability Ulam type problem
p. 1-16: Abstract, Postscript (125 K), pdf (125K)

P. Guha
A note on bidifferential calculi and bihamiltonian systems
p. 17-22: Abstract, Postscript  (125K), pdf (90K)

B. D. Sharma, N. Sookoo
The difference matrices of the classes of a Sharma-Kaushik partition
p. 23-31: Abstract, Postscript (145K), pdf (123K)

E. Savas, R. Savas
Some sequence spaces defined by Orlicz functions
p. 33-40: Abstract, Postscript (135K), pdf (103K)

F. Halter-Koch
Ideal-theoretic characterizations of valuation and Pr\"ufer monoids
p. 41-46: Abstract, Postscript (128K), pdf (98K)

A. Lotta, A. M. Pastore
The Tanaka-Webster connection for almost $\mathcal S$-manifolds and Cartan geometry
p. 47-61: Abstract, Postscript (176K), pdf (160K)

T. F. Ma, E. S. Miranda, M. B. de Souza Cortes
A nonlinear differential equation involving reflection of the argument
p. 63-68: Abstract, Postscript (139K), pdf (105K)

V. Tryhuk, O. Dlouhy
The moving frames for differential equations. II. Underdetermined and functional equations
p. 69-88: Abstract, Postscript (184K), pdf (177K)

R. Hakl, A. Lomtatidze, J. Sremr
Solvability of a periodic type boundary value problem for first order scalar functional differential equations
p. 89-109: Abstract, Postscript (174K), pdf (169K)

Publication date for this issue: 13 Apr 2004.

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