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Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics (also mathematical finance) is the branch of mathematics focused on financial markets. The content of mathematical finance is the development of mathematical models arising from financial economics and their mathematical treatment, e.g. the portfolio theory of Markowitz or the famous Black Scholes option prize formula.


Statistics is one of the largest fields in the mathematical sciences. It deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics is applied to many other disciplines such as the physical and social sciences, business and government. This page intends to help you find relevant data dealing with the subject statistics in our databases and the web.

History of Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the oldest disciplines in science. It begins in almost all cultures with basic mathematics, counting and measuring. The evolution of mathematics was varying in different countries and times: centuries of stagnation alternate with centuries of major advancements. Another specific feature of mathematics: there are rarely outdated theories, theorems or proofs. The geometry of Euclid or the equations of Gauss are today as correct as they were at the time of their development. So older work is valuable not only for historians, laymen, teachers and students but also for the current researcher in mathematics.


In our daily life and profession usage of mathematics grows in many respects, so as well mathematical education becomes more and more important. Research in mathematics education has two main purposes: First to understand the nature of mathematical thinking, teaching, and learning, and second to use such knowledge in practice for learning and teaching mathematics. In Europe mathematics education research is also known as "didactics of mathematics". Other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy are involved with it. Recreational and popular mathematics is also referenced here.

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