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Zbl.No:  878.01017
Autor:  Pach, János
Title:  Two places at once: A remembrance of Paul Erdös. (In English)
Source:  Math. Intell. 19, No.2, 38-48 (1997).
Review:  This is a story about Paul Erdös as a mathematician and as a man. The author knew him personally for many years (in fact since his, i.e. the author's, childhood). One finds there a lot of interesting facts, observations, even anecdotes.
Reviewer:  R.Murawski (Poznan)
Classif.:  * 01A70 Biographies, obituaries, personalia, bibliographies
                   01A60 Mathematics in the 20th century
Biogr.Ref.:  Erdös, P.

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