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Zbl.No:  877.11003
Autor:  Stone, A.H.
Title:  Encounters with Paul Erdös. (In English)
Source:  Graham, Ronald L. (ed.) et al., The mathematics of Paul Erdös. Vol. I. Berlin: Springer, Algorithms Comb. 13, 68-73 (1997).
Review:  The author reviews his contacts with Paul Erdös. In addition, the author gives some results concerning the diophantine equation x2 = \lambda my± 1, x,y in N, x > 1, y > 1, for given \lambda,m in N with m > 1.
Reviewer:  Le Maohua (Zhanjiang)
Classif.:  * 11-03 Historical (number theory)
                   11D61 Exponential diophantine equations
Keywords:  exponential diophantine equation; Paul Erdös
Biogr.Ref.:  Erdös, P.

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