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Zbl.No:  868.05009
Autor:  Bergelson, Vitaly; Erdös, Paul; Hindman, Neil; Luczak, Tomasz
Title:  Dense difference sets and their combinatorial structure. (In English)
Source:  Graham, Ronald L. (ed.) et al., The mathematics of Paul Erdös. Vol. I. Berlin: Springer, Algorithms Comb. 13, 165-175 (1997).
Review:  Given a set B of positive integers, the ``difference set'' of B is defined in the paper as the set of differences D(B) = {x-y | x,y in B, x > y}. It is shown that if B has positive upper density then D(B) has rich additive and multiplicative structure.
Reviewer:  V.D.Tonchev (Houghton)
Classif.:  * 05B10 Difference sets
Keywords:  difference sets

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