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Zbl.No:  844.52002
Autor:  Erdös, Paul; Soifer, Alexander
Title:  Triangles in convex polygons. (In English)
Source:  Geombinatorics 2, No.4, 72-74 (1993).
Review:  The authors pose the following ``maximin'' problem.
Determine \Delta (n,k): = max (max \Delta (V)). Here V is a finite set of n+k points in the Euclidean plane such that the convex hull conv V of V has area 1 and n points of V are vertices of conv V, the other k points lying in the interior of conv V. max \Delta (V) denotes the minimum area of a triangle with vertices in V, and the maximum is taken over all such sets V.
Reviewer:  B.Kind (Bochum)
Classif.:  * 52A10 Convex sets in 2 dimensions (including convex curves)
                   52A40 Geometric inequalities, etc. (convex geometry)
Keywords:  triangles in convex polygons

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