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Zbl.No:  691.52001
Autor:  Soifer, Alexander (Engel, Philip L.; Erdös, Paul; Grünbaum, Branko; Rousseau, Cecil)
Title:  How does one cut a triangle? With 80 illustr. and introductions by Philip L. Engel, Paul Erdös, Branko Grünbaum and Cecil Rousseau. (In English)
Source:  Colorado Springs, CO: Center for Excellence in Mathematical Education. xiii, 140 p. (1990).
Review:  This booklet considers and solves problems in dividing triangles into congruent and into similar pieces; it further studies extremal problems on placing points in convex figures. The booklet is mainly written for students interested in geometry and it is written with much enthusiasm.
Reviewer:  J.M.Wills
Classif.:  * 52-01 Textbooks (convex and discrete geometry)
                   52A10 Convex sets in 2 dimensions (including convex curves)
                   05-01 Textbooks (combinatorics)
                   52C17 Packing and covering in n dimensions (discrete geometry)
Keywords:  convex polygons; tilings; dividing triangles

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